Are You A Victim Of Corporate Business ?


Are You A Victim Of Corporate Business ? 

An open meeting was held in Stroud, Gloucestershire 11/0719 to update the community about an incinerator project currently being commissioned to burn waste. 

I went along with several hats on, first, as a local who had vehemently opposed the use of last century technology to address an issue that requires a completely different solution. Second, as a member of Community R4C, a group created by locals with the talents and skills to devise an alternative which incorporates a circular use of resources,. Third, as a founder member of Extinction Rebellion, again a group of locals determined to raise people’s awareness of our absolute need to change the way we think, live and act concerning our environment, ecology and economy if we’re going to survive as a race. Fourth, as editor of Unity News to ensure everyone has the opportunity to hear about what is happening to the district with the best recycling rates in the entire country at the hands of corporate business. 

The political shenanigans have been evident to many of us since the start of this process when we, the people of Gloucestershire opposed GCC and UBB proposal to build an incinerator, through the planning process which saw a senior government official come down from London to impose it on us, through meetings in car parks and secret negotiations which the county council paid vast amounts of public money to try and keep quiet, through the discovery that an extra £150 million pounds had secretly been added to the contract cost. Through to the current status, the high court case where we are trying to get our £150 million pounds back from Urbaser Balfour Beatty and demanding a victims case review by the police of the meeting in the car park.

Campaigners opposed to a giant waste incinerator next to the M5 in Gloucestershire say they're prepared to resort to…

Posted by Katie Rowlett ITV on Friday, 12 July 2019


If you agree you are a victim of the incinerator process in any way, be it ecologically, environmentally or economically please take a look at the victims letter proforma and sign your name to it or write your own.

If you want to show your support for Community R4C and/or become a shareholder

If you want to participate in NVDA (non violent direct action) 

If you want to help spread the message please check out these pages


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