PMQs – Snap Verdict


Another PMQs down, four to go until the summer break and perhaps a new PM if the Conservative party can manage to drag Theresa May from the post. It is hard to take the sessions seriously anymore as the leader of the opposition addresses a Prime minister that has resigned and is effectively just running a zombie government whilst her fellow MPs argue over who should be the next biggest cock up to be in charge of the country, may as well make a hat trick.

It was good to see the situation in Yemen and the arms sales to Saudi Arabia being addressed by Mr. Corbyn and whilst the questioning was seen to be making Mrs. May uncomfortable, she stuck fast to her side of the story and the commitment to appeal against the court decision to stop sales to Saudi Arabia.

Jeremy Corbyn was compelling and passionate as this is a topic close to his heart but the responses from Theresa May were empty and superficial.

She ended on his last question as usual by accusing Jeremy Corbyn of sympathising with anyone else before Britain and that he shouldn’t ever be PM. The usual terrorist and Russian sympathiser being shouted across at the opposition benches as the Conservative side jeered and shouted in agreement.


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