Why do we fear Ai ?


Why are we afraid of Ai?
Is it all the terminators fault ?

We could send a drone to assess the situation when a 999 call is made, we could video call with our doctor or work instead of travelling to an office.

There are so many applications that would ease our load. We could have more fun with Ai than just socially, why don’t we?
Could it be that the use of technology is guided by political agendas which are in turn set by huge faceless corporations that see humans as a means to enlarge their profits ?

We are told to blame Ai, for ‘taking our jobs’ ‘removing our sociability’ ‘our increasing isolation’ perhaps our fear of Ai stems from, not Hollywood but the way those that own the Ai implement it?
We see self-checkouts replacing staff in shops and fast food restaurants. Drones are replacing delivery staff and self-driving cars/lorries replacing drivers and we’re told to be angry …

This replacement shouldn’t be a fear it should be a liberation.

If conducted in the right manner AI could liberate so many of us from humdrum and often monotonous unskilled work. If we ensure that a Universal income is freely given to everyone would it not empower the people, freed from the shackles of work to employ their own time in community projects or follow their passions for the arts?

These are just a few examples of some of the positive impacts of AI.

AI could open up a world of opportunity and creativity, we just need to ensure that those in control of Ai protect the rights and financial security of the people.

We need to shift our perspective too !

Where can Ai enhance our lives ?
If every person who was lonely was able to video call with someone who could empathise, read them a story or order some shopping with them? If every person who was sick could call on any number of people happy to listen to their problems and offer support? If every call centre employee worked from home..

Hey, perhaps we would then, be able to make enough time in our lives to be present physically at so many more life affirming events ?

All because of Ai ..


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