Who is the biggest threat?


15/03/18 British Prime Minister, Theresa May visited Salisbury to pay tribute to all those who had been caught up in the nerve agent attack. She says, the blame lies solely at the door of the Kremlin. Despite the OPCW, verifying the complete destruction of all Russian stockpiles of chemical weapons, and despite 16 other countries having the nerve agent that was supposedly used. The finger of blame has been directly pointed at Moscow.

In a moment that could have been seen by the world to show the Prime Minister, a statesman like leader, a leader of incredible resolve. What did we get? A painful showing of why she shouldn’t be allowed out in public. Walking around as if this was her royal moment, a moment she could look back on in her retirement and remember the adulation she received from the star-struck crowds. Carrying a bouquet of flowers from well-wishers. Fist bumping her followers and taking selfies.

The job of prime minister is not a position of celebrity, it is not a red carpet role. But she treated it as such, she lapped up the attention that the crowd was giving her, she was living the dream, for that moment she was Queen of England.

That, however, is not what the country needs or wants right now, it is dangerous for the country and it is dangerous for the world. If she were to have displayed true leadership yesterday, she would have been speaking to people to reassure them, that our security services together with our partners at the OPCW were doing everything in their power to determine the origin of this substance and the perpetrator. What we saw was different from what we witnessed in Grenfell in the summer where she couldn’t even meet the public and was having to run away out of back doors to avoid the public. No, this was her moment, her call to arms. Her great stand on the world stage where she would decree “I am Theresa, the lioness”. She is so far out of her depth it beggars belief.

Now is not the time for sabre rattling, now is the time for quiet and considered thinking, now is the time to analyse the facts thoroughly with our international partners so that we can determine an outcome that is backed by the facts.

But she won’t let that get in the way of a good photo op, where she can be seen to be getting down with the cool kids, fist bumping as she bumbles from one disaster to the next.

“Look, Phillip, I can make myself relatable to young voters”

If this is how the “leader” of the British people acts in the face of such a brazen and barbaric incident, then I really worry for the world and must in fact, conclude that she is the single biggest threat to the safety of my family.

Someone who believes it is better to accuse and insult a sovereign nation, after months of directing threats towards them. Someone who allows their own defence secretary to stand in front of the world’s press and say “quite frankly I think Russia should go away and shut up”. This sort of stuff is not a game in which we can all go back to normal afterwards.

This is not your 1982, Theresa. This is not your Falkland’s moment and if you truly think it is, then you are really showing just how out of depth you are.



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