(Opinion) On angry Liberalism in the “Left”


It seems that Liberals in the UK cannot tolerate dissent.

It seems that anyone with socialist principles, who dares utter a view that does not align with liberal tenets must immediately be cast out, no matter their utility to the cause, which in turn further defeats the objective of bringing in cultural change here in the UK.

This tendency for “liberals” to suffer from delusional “Narcissistic Individualism”, as explained by filmmaker Adam Curtis and others, is continually weaponised against the left. Every single time a genuine leftist movement rises, and then falls, it is because liberals are recruited via their neurosis and narcissistic tendencies, to work against it from the inside. Usually, this is because they cannot reconcile their personal identity with the movement.

I hate to break it to you, but that is a YOU problem, not an US problem.

Whichever rights you want to defend (or promote), keep in mind it’s not just you here in the UK – there’s a whole society here that might disagree with you; outside of the UK, there’s a whole world of public opinion that might disagree with you.

Agitators tell you that’s not good enough.

Intelligence agencies, “Sentiment Management” professionals, psychological warfare campaigners and more ALL use YOUR “identity” as their primary weapon against the left.

Your insecurities, persecutions, angst and triggers MUST come first they tell you:


This weaponisation of identity politics is a common feature of CIA backed psychological operations against governments and organisations the CIA and its allies do not like.   

As the late legendary journalist Robert Parry wrote of the United States’s campaigns against Russia in 2016:

“There exists what intelligence veterans call a Mighty Wurlitzer, an organ with so many keys and pedals that it’s hard to know where all the sounds come from that make up the powerful harmony, all building to the same crescendo. But that crescendo may now be war with nuclear-armed Russia, which finds in all this demonizing the prelude to either a destabilization campaign aimed at “regime change” in Moscow or outright war.”

Parry remarks that the “machinery” on which this organ runs consists of :

“not just of outlets and activists funded by U.S. tax dollars via the National Endowment for Democracy or the U.S. Agency for International Development or NATO’s Strategic Communications Command, but like-minded “human rights” entities paid for by billionaire currency speculator George Soros or controlled by neoconservative ideologues who now run major U.S. newspapers, such as The Washington Post and The New York Times.”

As Liberals, you seem to fall for this strategy of “colour revolution” every single time. Whatever trauma you’ve experienced, they use it relentlessly to split, divide and undermine the left – with your help. We believe this tactic was used to destroy Corbyn’s leadership of Labour, which we’ll discuss in Part 2 of “Who’s behind Labour?”, which we plan to publish next week.

To be clear, being illiberal does not mean you’re “an enemy of the left” (a favourite accusation made by identity politics professional Owen Jones). It means you’re different to the online hordes identity politics liberals, whose numbers are often bolstered by proxies and bot accounts.

The tolerance of difference in UK Liberal thinking extends insofar as to what will “sell” well online.

Rampant virtue signalling, clout-chasing, personal interest… choose your minority cause and run with it — you’ll find eager flying monkeys to support your cause. You’ll even feel good about it. For a while.

But then you get this nagging feeling that something isn’t right. That the funding, opportunities, exposure, boostering, validation, career and “popularity” means you’re effectively on your own.

Where did everyone go?

Do not mistake Narcissism for Solidarity. Narcissism is mis-sold as “The Noble Cause”, for whatever suits the seller.

The “Cause” you’ve been grifted with, is a weapon, and you have been selected to wield it. AGAINST those who would normally ally with you.

Militant 2nd Wave Feminism. Trans Rights. Gender ID. Religion. Sex Education. Gay Rights. Demographics. Age. Disability. Pick your identity, choose the weapon. If your identity, or the portrayal of your identity is all that matters to you, congratulations – you’re a liberal.

You are taught that co-existing with concepts you find distasteful or offensive, means you have the right to stamp out, shun, abuse or eliminate those who hold those concepts.

NEWSFLASH: You do not.

Socialism is not Liberalism. Liberal or Illiberal, Socialism accepts all.

If you cannot accept people holding views you are offended by, you’re a wetwipe. If you take action to prevent them from advancing a pluralist socialist culture because of this – you’re an enemy of the movement, and not a Socialist. Put your “cause” aside, and focus!

The enemies of Socialism will continue to use whatever cause or liberal identity weakness you “represent” against all of us, by stopping our reps from arriving at the ballot box. They will create advocacy groups in piles a mile high, with funding, if it stops the voting.

They literally create entire political movements and parties, to distract, coerce, redirect and diffuse our Socialist energy – so that we never reach critical mass. That critical mass means a majority of Parliamentary MP’s. They want you focussed on identity, not votes.

The next time your ‘brand’ is sidelined by a more popular and successful, genuinely Socialist movement – check your Narcissism. It’s there, and it’s holding you back from really achieving your aims. Even the aims that are defined by your so-called liberal “identity”. Worse, it may be redirecting your efforts into serving the forces of empire and fascism.

As we have pointed out, this is actually happening! left wing activists have been recruited to fight and die for the CIA occupation of Syria, after liberal leftists pushed identity politics-laden CIA regime propaganda! Examine the people setting up your ‘advocacy’ or ‘political’ movements, for signs they’re advancing their own income / narcissistic supply sources. Especially if there are receipts indicating dishonesty or mendacity. You’ll find them everywhere. Especially in London.


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