Tory (H)unts…


Today around the country pampered privileged thugs in fancy dress will be riding around the countryside in pursuit of foxes. The hunting act which was passed in 2004 made it an offence to hunt mammals with hounds.
The police do not appear to take this act seriously and rarely prosecute individuals involved in this illegal practice. This may have something to do with the fact that the evil perpetrators of this violent practice are politicians (mainly Tory) or often hold positions of seniority in the Police Service & Judiciary. These are the sort of people who believe they have some form of divine right to “rule” and dictate to the rest of society.
It says a lot about a person who takes gratification to watch a wild animal be terrorised by pursuing hounds and ripped apart by those hounds. The law states only two hounds are allowed to be used to flush wild mammals, yet these thugs blatantly flout the law under the guise of trail hunting knowing full well their real reason is to hunt and kill foxes.
There is no justification for this so called sport, it has nothing to do with vermin control it is purely to satisfy the bloodlust of perverted individuals with sever personality disorders. There is nothing sporting about it.



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