The NHS is Facing an Onslaught of Cuts


More and more people are unable to get the healthcare we are entitled to. You can help to stop this – a donation will help bring an Appeal to Court against further NHS cuts.

This is the only way of stopping this. We have to seize this chance.

If a new cost-cutting contract goes ahead, a whole range of NHS services will be subject to the same kind of cuts and pressures as acute mental health services. Because the new contract is designed to “manage demand” for a WHOLE RANGE OF NHS SERVICES in a given area, in the same way as mental health services contracts already do.

It is now normal for there to be NO hospital beds for acute mental health patients in their own area. They are routinely taken by ambulance across the country to wherever there’s a hospital bed. At times this year, there have been NO acute mental health beds free ANYWHERE in the country.


  1. If you want to stop the rest of the NHS going the same way, please support the Crowd Justice appeal with whatever you can afford. £5 is fine. Lots of £5s soon add up




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