Nurse speaks out against shocking pay rise snub.


I’ve largely ignored this issue, I think out of a sense of denial born of a deep sadness and almost regret for the decision to ever become a nurse in the first place but the more it festers in my mind, the more and more I become increasingly outraged.

I mean, it’s just surreal isn’t it?

I don’t want to get into different roles in the NHS; who’s worth more, who’s more valuable. The truth is, every single person has a role to play that’s vital. Nurses though just are the glue that holds any health service together. They are its backbone.

They are your bedside nurse. They are your cleaner. They are your physio, counsellor, shoulder to cry on. And in the worst of times, without immediate back up, they are your life-saver. Nurses run wards, departments, entire directorates but from the ground up, we put in the work! And the work is just as important as that of the medical team. Because one cannot function without the other.

And for this shocking smack in the face, stab in the back, whatever analogy you care to use, to be sent our way now, at this time, of all times, is surely the last straw.

I don’t know what the way forward is to be honest. I do love my job and helping people. I’ve worked in cancer care, cardiac care and now departmental and I’ve seen and done a lot in just a measley 6 years. But I have to be honest, I really want to throw it in and go full time with my other source of income which is photography.

I just feel so bad for my colleagues across the board. Not just the nurses, of course not. Any good NHS employee knows it’s a team effort and just doesn’t work well at all when parts are missing.

But unless drastic action is taken and soon, then I foresee that spike of nursing and overall NHS applications soon becoming a huge shortfall.

Boris Johnson, you would not be alive today without the expert care of nurses. Shame on you, on your dodgy sideman and shame too, on your entire cabinet. I was beginning to think you might just have a little bit of decency to you.

I was wrong.

Credit to Luke Edward Collins


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