EXIT By Brendan Conboy


In our theme of mental health awareness week


If I made an early exit
would I even be missed?
Do people really know me,
know that I exist?

It feels like I’m invisible,
It feels like no one cares?
Will you notice when I have gone?
Will you stop and stare?

If you see me for a short while,
Let your face express a short smile.
It seems I’ve walked a thousand miles
On my journey of denial.

So, I make an early exit
And know I won't be missed.
No one really knows me
Or cares that I exist

We are all significant
Each and every one
But if you feel that you are not
Then go and talk to someone.

We all need to feel connected
For without, we feel rejected.
Accept the people by your side
Before the news that they have died.

Life hangs in a balance
Of what we know and what we don’t
With people that we easily love
And others that we know we won't.

Everyone’s significant, so connect with them today.
If they’re looking for the exit, you’ll find the words to say.
Just start with “hi” or they may die,
A smile or a nod, it’s easy just try.

Brendan Conboy


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