Who Is Unelectable?? By Simon Wellavize


Who Is Unelectable??


I apologise, in advance, for any offense caused by the words that follow.

As time has flowed from Jeremy Corbyn's first election as Labour Party leader, I have come to the conclusion that he is the current generation's Margaret Thatcher, and whilst you clean up the tea you just spat out in surprise and indignation, let me explain why.

1. Thatcher was considered by her own party and the MSM as "unelectable" from the moment of her election as tory leader almost until polling day in 1979. She was portrayed as the extreme right of her party with a 'gang' of fellow monetarists who had hi-jacked the party, much as Jeremy and his fellow socialists are portrayed by the 'grandees' of Labour and the MSM today.

2. Thatcher and her 'gang' were to smash the post-war consensus and bring in a wave of new policies aimed at changing the Britain they inherited. Just as Jeremy aims to smash the neo-liberal consensus built up by 18 years of Thatcherite policies and continued with minor alterations by Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron, the consensus that bought us the great General Election battles of 2010 and 2015 of austerity vs. austerity-lite.

3. Thatcher and the monetarists were supported by grassroots conservatives who felt ignored or distrusted by the Westminster 'elite'. She was lampooned for her clothes and her shrill voice much as Jeremy is lampooned for his suits and his beard. Whilst you and I may have hated her convictions, she was as serious about them and honest in her belief in them as Corbyn is of his socialist ideals.

4. Finally, she seemed to understand the times. That change was needed. An alternative HAD to be offered to the policies that had gone before and that were seen to be failing , and led people to feel lost and bereft, seeing failure all around them. Labour, under Wilson and Callaghan failed then to make the case for change. We must not fail to make the case NOW.

We face the challenges of austerity, the rise of UKIP and the SNP, renewed racism(especially around immigration), the inexorable rise in inequality with the rich failing to pay their fair-share, and not to mention the challenges of Brexit. We must realise and face the truth that continuing to plough a furrow dug by Mandelson, Brown and Blair in the mid 90's is not going to cut it in 2020. An alternative is what is needed and is what Corbyn, McDonnell and the rest of Labour's rising tide of new Socialists, or New Left offer. We must not fail to support them and the change that they offer to the disenchanted, disenfranchised and disaffected of this country.

By Simon Wellavize

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