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Unity March are a non political organisation of the most political kind. As Thomas Mann said, "Everything is political."
Everything we do from where we shop to the papers we read constitutes a choice. Do you shop ethically? Do you boycott SKY TV shows because of Murdoch? Do you never read the Scum or the Daily Fail because of their politics? All these are politics.

Here at Unity March, our political position is clear, we support progressive politics of any kind, be it Labour's left or the Greens. Our politics are based on ideas not ideology. On policies not personality. And whilst there may be an emphasis (as the biggest progressive party) on Labour politics we are eager to publish ideas, policies and news from other centre-left parties and organisations.
We believe in positive action and are keen to promote any and all progressive community activity. So, bring us your causes, your ideas, and your stories.
Visit daily at www.unitymarch.org.uk for the latest news, views and some occasional fun.

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Much love to all.. The Unity March Team


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