A Fairer Future With Corbyn


A Fairer Future With Corbyn

I don't get it, we may have an opportunity to remove the most corrupted, cruel and criminal conservative party ever. And people keep attacking the possible light at the end of the tunnel, why?
Taking a peep at mainstream media its clear that some individuals are so stuck in the orchestrated fear programme, that change is beyond their scope….
Don't get me wrong I don't follow anyone and don't see Jeremy Corbyn as a saviour. But he seems OK and we need to remove the corrupted conservatives asap and replace them with honest, good MP's. A transition into a fairer future with Corbyn is better than the oppression and greed of the conservatives we suffer now.
Anarchy and self govenence is all well and good, but millions will die if we don't create real change in stages.
Even if its a revolution in politics, or bit of a symbolic revolution on the streets of london, is better than nothing.
Seriously we need to start caring, being active, stop fighting each other, unite and stop sleepwalking into oblivion…

I don't get why so many still prop up the now glaringly obvious military industrial complex that works on the premis of 'Problem…Reaction….Solution', and is leading us inexorably to our own demise. Why they don't see politics as the theatrical arena that it is, and govenment as a tool (mind game) used by the corporate elite to keep us all subservient. Hypnotised by dangling carrots or a perceived light at the end of the tunnel. They hang on to the promise of a slightly less brutal regime. Why are so many still paying taxes that fund wars for profit, genocide and massive corporate criminality? Still working for the corporate elite and still massively overconsuming the natural resources that our children need for their survival in order to do so. Still expecting an institution that depends upon human degredation, deprivation and subjugation for it's very existence to suddenly turn in on and destroy itself. The very last thing HER MAJESTY'S GOVERNMENT will ever give away (no matter who heads it for her), is power to the people.



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