Do you know who Simon Stevens is? By Red Not Blue


Do you know who Simon Stevens is?

He's head of NHS England, and far more important than Jeremy Hunt. He's the best kept secret in British politics. Here is something that should interest you. We've put together this very useful CV of him.

I've seen this CV. It is very useful. The Healthcare Supply Chain Association basically abolished the Secretary of State for health's responsibility to oversee the delivery of care, so NHS England has become the body responsible, although it is highly undemocratic, secretive and concerns itself with ensuring Clinical Commissioning Groups sell as many of their services off and send as few patients as possible to hospital. As well as advising the Blair government, and then scuttling off to work for United Health, Simon Stevens wrote the Five Year Forward view, which says in plain language that he thinks the NHS should move to a Health Maintenance Organisation model. He's a slippery piece of work, and an arch privatiser.

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