Do You? By Brendan Conboy


Do You?

If you have ever been there then you know just what I mean?
In that deep dark existence of more nightmare than a dream.
You didn’t see the trip that was followed by the fall,
As you dropped into the pit with a stifled call.
Downward descending, never ending.
Chin up and smile, just keep blending.
The people around you may talk about caring,
Then fail to notice your pain and despairing.
Darkness descends in that desolate place,
But still it’s chin up, keep that smile on your face.
Deeper, deeper, deeper I descend,
But if you knew you’d say I’m round the bend.
They can’t see the pain deep inside,
Don’t let them know how many times I've cried.
Crying into the darkness, the pit of despair, just waiting and waiting for you to care.
Powerless, lifeless, bound and restrained.
How can I tell you of this real pain?
How can I even start to tell?
You what it’s like, living in hell?
If I speak you’ll think I’m a nutter,
So I talk to myself in an anguished mutter.
Deeper on this invisible spiral,
Downward towards a miserable arrival.
Deeper into this bottomless pit,
But look past my smile, I feel like shit
Do you know what to do!
Do you?
Do you?

But it doesn’t have to be like this?
With that feeling that people just take the piss?
It doesn’t have to be like that?
Feeling deflated and feeling so flat?
It’s time to speak out,
It’s time to shout.
Time to talk about
Open up and speak
Don’t feel like a freak.
It’s time to rise above
Climb up on to the ladder of love
Look on up and then you’ll see it
There are people that really do give a shit!

Brendan Conboy


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