With the victory of Jeremy Corbyn almost certain


From Simon Wellavize

With the victory of Jeremy Corbyn almost certain and with the rebellious MPs finally seeing that the only way to remain in their little bubble is to reconnect with Jeremy Corbyn and reunite the band, as Tom Watson so succinctly put it, I ask what now?

Jeremy won't win everything, and that is a good thing in any democracy. It is going to be a slow process of refining policy, debating points, reconnecting the PLP to the members and people need to realise that, and not be put off by setbacks along the road. To build a strong party that will stand the buffeting that is politics we need to put down strong foundations. From CLP to conference to NEC to PLP, we need to build. Build trust, build relationships and build the faith of the general electorate in Labour again.

We need to be the party of the many not the few. We need to be the party that everyone turns to for fresh ideas. We need to be the party that says, we look to the ideas of the past that worked, and modify them for the present realities of life, so that we can drive forward to a brighter future. For us, for our children, for our world.

We need to stand strong and proud, and say we will build a strong economy and support business, but that must be done on the back of hard work, not on the backs of hard workers. We need to stand and say that profits need to be shared throughout our society and not kept for the few.

It cannot be right that people live in mansions whilst others sleep in doorways.

It cannot be right that people eat in restaurants where meals cost hundreds whilst families rely on food banks to feed their children.

So as Labour we need to reunite and rebuild. But make no mistake this must be a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour with social justice and equality at it's core. A Labour Party renewed. A Labour Party reconnected with it's roots as a democratic SOCIALIST party. A Labour Party revived by it's members who must campaign for what they believe in. Justice for all. Equality for all. A fair chance for all.



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