Tory expenses fraud : we haven’t forgotten !


Priti Patel Tory MP QUOTE…."Sanctions play an important role in getting people and supporting people back to work." UNQUOTE
One of the most expensive MPs in Britain, When asked by Andrew Neil on the Daily Politic show, what austerity sacrifices our MP Priti Patel had made over the past three years, she could not answer the question. Well maybe I can help…

On top of her £126,220 (2011/12), £132,868 (2012/13), £152,470 (2013/14) in expenses accordingly Ms Patel has given herself an inflation busting increase of 14.3 %. Oh on top of these expenses is the enormous cost of her written questions to Parliament-very few of them related to any way to witham constituency-but cost thousands of ££££ to answer. She also employs her husband as her office manager at the House of Commons(£50,000) plus a year. He also gets almost 15k a year as a london borough of Bexley councillor. He claims to live in Welling in Kent. She claims to live in Witham. One of them is right….
The next time your local MP tells you about prudent Financial responsibility, and austerity cuts are fair , try not to choke on your cut price tesco special cornflakes…

Heather Wheeler: Tory MP for South Derbyshire, voted to cut £30 a week ESA from her sick and disabled constiuents.
While she claimed £160,527 in expenses during 2015,2016 on top of her over paid salary she is not alone.

These slime could not do more damage to us all if they were lice ridden rats spreading the great plague… VOTE THEM OUT OUT OUT….

George Freeman Tory MP for Mid Norfolk, Millionaire George once claimed taxpayer cash to put him up in a hotel despite owning a £600 000 property one mile from his commons office
Mr Freeman's office also pointed out to a constituent he was 'Too busy' to reply, although he has a nice £750 IPAD that you paid for that he could have replied on.
Costs & claims for 2014/2015 £176,387.08
George also voted to cut ESA for his sick & Disabled constituents.

IDS said Labour spending was up 58% but it was only 8%, IDS said vast amounts of public money was lost to fraud but is only 0.75%, IDS said tax credits rose by 20% but it was only 8.8%. Now listen to me when I am telling you welfare cuts are "FAIR"…

IDS, Forget about the fact I scammed the taxpayer for expenses .

Forget that I lived rent free in my father in law's mansion .
Forget I married a millionaire and still claimed the dole .
Forget that I lied about my education and army rank .

Forget that I am right now fiddling the Tax payer out of Money I claim for mileage to travel.

Forget I claimed 39 pound of Tax payers money to buy my breakfast .
Forget I claimed 100 pound for a packet of wet wipes

Forget I live rent free in a 2 million pound country home with at least FOUR bedrooms which has swimming pool, tennis courts and set in acres of countryside,

Forget I don't pay a penny bedroom tax either.
I have so far overseen 605,000 sanctions and its growing on a daily basis, which means sanctioned benefit claimants will not receive any money whatsoever for three years.

IDS I am the real disability hero of the week. I haven't even had medical training, but you don’t see that stopping me. If the DWP decides someone with Parkinsons will get better in order to find a job, why would medical science disagree? And if they say they are in pain or their limbs are trembling, cutting their benefits should incentivise them to deal with it.

12/08/16 the Duke of Westminster Hugh Grosvenor has inherited a £9.9 billion fortune , got away with not paying 2.4 billion inheritence tax, and even if he paid it, his net worth would still have been over 6 billion plus his own personal fortune of course.

Please tell me what part of everything is not enough.
Think about it .
That is enough money to wipe out the whole NHS deficit, but no ! The HARD right would rather fine a homeless person for sleeping rough , install anti homeless spikes or steal their stuff so they can't sleep !
It is bloody obcene.

Kevin Hoad



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