Why a party in opposition is so much more important than you think


Why a party in opposition is so much more important than you think .

The Labour Party has been corrupt for many years , offering platitudes and saying things like " we need to be more like the Tories to win" . Now at last , it's taking a stance with Jeremy Corbyn and the Tories within and without are fuming !

What Labour is saying with Corbyn is this ,
If you want to wage war on other countries , have nuclear energy , no health service , no schools , no hospitals , no housing , no financial support for anyone at all and give all the money to MPs and robber barons (oh wait are they mostly the same) to buy yachts and build nuclear bombs while people starve and die on the streets , vote Tory .

We are not the Tory party . We are the Labour Party and we oppose the wholesale death and demolition of this country for anyone earning under 70 grand a year .

They may be in opposition because of it . They may become a smaller voice like the Greens or Libdems .
But at last there will be an opposition !

Something we haven't seen much of in Westminster for what ? 30 years ?

The voices of opposition are definitely more effective than voices that repeat the same old neoliberal corporate mantras as everyone else and in some ways more vitally important than those in power , why ?
Because they curb their sickening neoliberal appetites that's why


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