The disabled abuse survivor being watched by the local council


Steve Topple wrote a great article for The Canary, It explains the lengths that the powers that be are going to, to avoid paying disabled people much needed benefits.…/disabled-abuse-survivor-will-sub…/

One person said "Is this really happening in my country? Please make it stop Jeremy Corbyn for PM"

This was one of many comments from people who are genuinely outraged at the governments and councils latest attack on vulnerable people.

Here are some of the reactions we found:

"that's just horrific! As if they don't have enough problems!"

"If we don't have a Human Rights Act, this kind of inhumanity won't breach it"

"exactly. Social cleansing at its worst."

"please say this is not true. Fecking madness @theresa_may"

"I would like to meet these council officials who lack any morality..& are happy to display their perversion so openly..#UGH"

"This is setting the bar on how low can you they get, bloody disgusting."

We would like to know your thoughts on how you feel about what the council is doing to this poor woman. Let us know at:



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