“Want to know how Jeremy Corbyn has the Tories forked on the horns of a dilemma?


I keep making the point about strategy and nobody comes up with a viable alternative to Corbyn's.

"Want to know how Jeremy Corbyn has the Tories forked on the horns of a dilemma?

If you want a second Brexit vote it has to be part of the brexit act, using amendments to the Brexit Bill that include a simple trap on something the Tories can neither publicly refuse nor allow it's strategically Labour solution to happen; in the game of chess this is called a fork.

Jeremy has already created it and included it in the amendments to the Brexit Bill. If the Tories refuse the amendment, that is an electoral poison chalice that ensures they lose their Brexit voters.

If the Tories accept , which they must, it ensures an ultra-soft brexit that strategically benefits the Labour Party and ensures Labour Party policies are forced on the Tories and leads to an automatic second brexit vote if they do not enact the Labour policies.

This is the difference between the idiots who grandstand and a Leader with a winning strategy. If you carefully read Jeremy Corbyn's amendments and employ some political nous you will see what is being done. It is truly game set and match.

That is politics well played, nice to see after three decades of political ineptitude the labour party has a proper political leader who knows how to play the Westminster game."

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