I want revenge But I also want a permanent widespread cure. By Tom Hope


( In reply to an article about a woman being viciously mugged ..  https://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/newsroom/2017/01/pensioner-robbed-in-bristol/ )

I want revenge ! But also a permanent widespread cure.

This will happen again; it is a symptom; society is broken. Yet frustratingly, until it affects them directly, people often seek to deny it. Still 'everything IS political'; nothing happens in a political vacuum, a climate for this event WAS allowed.

Calling this 'Evil' serves as an obfuscation; this crime is the behaviour of sick humans (not to absolve them; they must be dealt with effectively). But why are our humans sick?

We can firefight (treating such incidents as 'Evil' anomalies), but until there are responsible leaders at the helm of a real accountable moral democracy, then maintaining a healthy society is futile. Do we think people would commit these atrocities if they were content, rather than left to fester in mental illness?!

We know they'll only get a slap on the wrist and it'll take years before they're even tried. They'll probably do it again. They won't be healed, they'll be cast in a permanent role of 'Evil Perpetrator', but allowed to continue so long as it costs less to tolerate them than to deal with them. I'd love to be wrong, but this public should accept: our safety and justice is an illusion, it is not paramount for the establishment; money is.

A) It shouldn't of happened. B) It will continue to happen. C) Those ultimately culpable are vested in our inability to discern symptoms from causes; 'misdirection': their favourite trick.

(I speak from experience though won't divulge details.) Will you wait until you too deserve justice and the perpetrator gets away with it? The legal system serves only those on the gravy train, we the public are just given lip-service to maintain the status quo.

If political ideologies (rampant capitalism) cause problems that eat away at society like cancers (crime and discontent), we will need to cut out the growths (visible criminals), but what (who) caused these symptoms in the first place?! …easy: the people with the power to shape society for better or worse (Government). Why? Money; the less they put in the tank to keep this country running, the more goes in their pockets; investment in policing, rehabilitation, welfare, mental health, impoverished enclaves, housing, education, careers, etc. These are long term issues that don't concern those on the take.

We can't expect society to be crime free, if the people that run this country are corrupt! The 'me first' mentality will spread throughout.

That's why when this happens we hate what our world has become; a violent, volatile, threatening, place, where ultimately the people manipulating things don't care about everyday victims. But we allow them to continue, with our short term thinking and poor political voting.

Time for a change? Well we can't deal with this by chucking every symptom in jail (or building walls), we need to address the problem head on; accepting greed (capitalism) doesn't work, and that socialism is not a dirty word but something that aims to stamp out inequality and yield a just and content way of co-existing peacefully.

Tom Hope

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