I really need to stop reading the BBC’s “Have Your Say”; it’s no good for my blood pressure. – By Iain Anderson


I really need to stop reading the BBC's "Have Your Say"; it's no good for my blood pressure. I don't even have the brilliant, sadly defunct "spEak You're bRanes" to make me feel better about the abject imbecility that people regularly post there. Perhaps I should start a mini version here, just to stop me becoming hypertensive with rage.

"Thankfully T.May is P.M. , not Corbyn.

Could you imagine Corbyn talking tough
with Trump?

J.C. sat there in his sandals and ill
fitting tweed suit.

We would be at the back of the queue
Just like Obama promised."
– Posted by flipmode

Yeah, thankfully we have Theresa May in her overpriced clown get-up, too spineless and lacking in morals to not sell out one of our prize national institutions or unequivocally condemn fucking torture. For all Corbyn's faults at least he isn't a sociopathic sycophant.

"Impressive speech. Theresa May is starting to demonstrate a strength of leadership that has been so obviously missing in Britain."
– Posted by SG11

No, you prize bellend! She's there to present herself to Trump's government like a bitch in heat because she desperately needs a trade deal from the US to provide some economic security post-Brexit. This will likely include privatising the NHS. This is what our precious sovereignty is going to be from now on: taking it up the arse from that crass, orange flesh golem.

"Go May! Don't forget to say Hi to Junkers as you leave — he's probably next in line to negotiate for the mighty EU. Well, maybe second next. Erm, well not that far down the line. Wait! He's not even been asked! German business must be looking nervously at each other right now… "
-Posted by WhatGlobalWarming

I'm sure they give a massive fucking shit. I bet they're all really, really sad they don't have to bend the knee to a loud-mouth, egotistical cheese elemental with all the poise and dignity of a Blackpool stag do. Nice username by the way, you utter waste of human tissue.

The only thing that's giving me the slightest bit of optimism for the coming years is the potential for a gargantuan "We fucking told you so", but I reckon the kind of people that think whoring our National Health service to the United States is indicative of strength and sovereignty are so deluded and feeble minded that they wouldn't accept how fucking stupid they really are and get back into the foetid cess-pools they came from.

Fuck Have Your Say, it's a wretched hive of shite and bigotry and I would not be sad if 90% of its commentariat were hunted down and eviscerated like the braying dogs they are. I'm beginning to understand the authoritarian left a bit more now, as some people are so disgustingly proud of their wilful ignorance that the only thing they're good for is being ground up into fertilizer or being forced to dig canals with their bare talons.

And after all of that, I don't even feel that much better.

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