Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon Still Imprisoned Despite Tommy Robinson Release- Sunday Satire


This week a man that pleaded guilty to contempt of court was released from jail. Making many believe this is a new type of justice when the guilty are free to walk the streets. Perhaps Austerity Britain is enough punishment, free food and a roof over your head are too much of a luxury for criminals!

However, in an interview with Fox News, Tommy Robinson denied pleading guilty despite a number of statements declaring otherwise. Is he taking advise from Trump or is there something else afoot?

We at Unity News set off on a perilous investigation to understand the mind of Tommy Robinson!

What did we discover?! 

For starters, we found out that Tommy Robinson is not his real name! We were shocked! Tommy Robinson is actually the name of a famous football hooligan who was in a violent group called Men in Gear that supported Luton Football club.

Why would someone who professes to want to tell us the truth and save children name themselves after someone well known for violence?

Tommy Robinson is not violent though is he? He just wants to be our saviour!

Actually, we were even more shocked to find out this prison trip wasn’t Tommy’s first rodeo!

This was Tommy’s eighth trip to the slammer! The first time was for punching a Police officer who was trying to stop Tommy from beating up his wife.

What a guy! 

So he started his career at helping people by joining the BNP. Apparently, the man that won’t eat in prison because of the percentage of brown people didn’t realise that non-whites could not join the BNP. So he quit and formed the English Defense League and became its leader. Yet despite this change, the EDL had trouble recruiting non-white members too, we can’t think why…

In 2012 Tommy Robinson spent some time in Winchester prison for committing fraud. During his time there he hung out with Muslims which he was quoted saying were ‘great lads’.

Yet upon release Tommy went back to his Muslim hating ways and even went on to join world-wide far-right groups, spreading his message of hatred across the planet!

Tommy isn’t the saviour we all believed he was…

He knew that filming at those courts could jeopardise the trials. He didn’t care that because of his actions there would be a re-trial and the victims would have to repeat their traumatic experiences in court and it would cost millions in taxpayers money!

Tommy doesn’t remember pleading guilty… because Tommy didn’t plead guilty…

Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon did.

We know what you are thinking, we thought the same thing! Surely they are the same person?

Actually no, no they are not!

Tommy is Stephen’s super villain… Stephen has professed to have Muslim friends he wants to live a peaceful happy life getting on with all but Tommy won’t let him!

Protests for free Tommy Robinson were all wrong we should have been protesting to free Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon.

Now Tommy Robinson walks free but Stephen is still imprisoned within the walls of Tommy’s own racism and fascist ideology.


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