Corbyn Moongate – Sunday Satire


Much of the population of the United Kingdom have been questioning why Jeremy Corbyn has come under such strong attack from the establishment and media since he was elected leader of the Labour party in 2015.

When Labour is ahead in the polls or during local or national election time, accusations of anti-semitism, terrorist sympathising, unpatriotism and jam smuggling run rife on every front page rag.

Mail on Sunday political commentators and Economic media contributors around the country are shaking in their boots at a Corbyn Led Labour Government. Fearing for their lives they will flee the country, luckily with their privileged backgrounds, they won’t be found squatting in a muddy tent in a refugee camp.

So why are these white privileged conservative government conspirators so afraid of Mr. Corbyn?!

We were not aware of the demonic powers this allotment gardening, jam wielding, boob high-fiving man had…

The main-stream media have been trying to tell us since 2015 and we just were not listening! How foolish we were to think they were scared of a fair tax system for corporations or giving better working conditions to the working class or halting NHS privatisation…

All of this is what Donald Trump would say is…

“Fake news!”

We have seen the light! On July 27th 2018, the world saw the power of…

‘The Red Menace’

The powers of Jeremy Corbyn were seen by all in the night sky as the longest Lunar eclipse in the 21st Century turned the moon blood red!

Yes, you guessed it…

The colour of Mr. Corbyn’s tie!...


This is all the evidence we need!

There is no doubt that Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn was responsible for this phenomena. Scientists tried to inform us that it was the moon aligning with Mars, which was shining its brightest that evening…

We know what you are up to, you wily Scientists! You and your climate change theories, you’re the only alignment going on with that dark wizard Corbyn!

People of the UK listen to your betters! These nepotists, Conservatives and corporate billionaires know better then we do, don’t let them pay higher taxes they are trying to save us from the dark lord!




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