Samuel K : The Truth about benefit claimants


Samuel K tells us the truth about benefit claimants .

  1. Most claimants are pensioners , the next biggest group are in work claimants , basically benefits are propping up corporate profits . Only a small percentage of the benefit bill goes to people who are actually unemployed .


Wake up Britain ! Before it’s too late !



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Posted by Samuel K on Tuesday, 31 October 2017


  1. People cannot move to where the work is because there is no housing where the work is. The people of the once thriving mining areas have homes, but because of the Tory condemnation of them there has been no investment in their area. This has brought about severe depression which manifests itself by isolating oneself. Treatment includes prescribing massive amounts of anti-depressants. These make lethargy a way of life. Try telling a person who lives in a place where most everyone is unemployed their depression would best be treated by going for a good walk.
    These people have a value. Their children are not hopeless. They have a desire to work, as did their forefathers. The enemy of these people is the political class who do nothing to invest in them. Preference is given to those who find ripping them off is easy money.
    How many responsible governments would allow interest rates of in excess of 1,000% to be advertised exclusively to those with no ability to borrow from other sources?
    These interest rates are seen by people from around the world and must convey a mood of exploitation is not only possible, but to be considered part of British life. How many countries have programmes similar to “Rip off Britain”?


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