Potent Whisper Book Launch: Rhyming Guide to Grenfell Britain


Potent Whisper : He’s an unassuming young man, witnessing what is happening to us all every day and writing it down. We will now attempt to describe him in a way we are sure he will define and refine 😎 if he doesn’t laugh out loud innit ? 

By day he’s seeing, real human beings, being downgraded, humanity abraded, he sees the blood we all wade in and in the dark he becomes a Potent Whisper. He speaks his rhyming word and we all know what we heard, the truth is hard and sharp not blurred. Uttered with bias for we the people so pious who have let establishment trample all over us. No more ! he demands , hear what I say and let us the people claim the day 


Also Speaking :
Dr Bob Gill : The great NHS Heist
Paula Peters and Keith Walker : DPAC

Also Performing are :
Lauri Love : poetry
Anne E Cooper : poetry

So .. If you want to hear the REAL thing from the real man, buy a £3 ticket (Ticketed event) and get down to Waterstones, Trafalgar Sq 6.30pm Friday 20th April


Pre order here : http://dogsection.org/press/grenfell-britain/



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