PMQs Snap Verdict


A fiery performance today by Jeremy Corbyn during PMQs, this is more like the Corbyn we all know and love. He didn’t stand for Theresa’s denial or tired quotations. The Leader of the opposition concentrated all his questions on school funding today and put the PM on the back foot for the whole of his six questions.

Theresa May seemed to mistakenly admit that she used quotations rather than answer questions honestly in the session. “I just quoted”. That is one of my main bugbears of PMQs. Theresa May robotically repeats the same quotations and soundbites week in and week out. Making it very clear why she has been dubbed ‘Maybot’. There doesn’t appear to be any real substance to her, no empathy and no normal debate from her, she won’t be missed from the dispatch box when she finally goes.

Perhaps Jeremy Corbyn is emboldened by a PM that is in her last death throes, facing absolute failure in Government for three years, having achieved nothing positive and only more devastation and ruin to the country she is supposed to be serving. Perhaps Jeremy has been fired up after reading the official report by the UN Special Rapporteur on Poverty, which was released today. Whatever riled Jeremy up, we need to see more of this side of him. A no-nonsense, strong approach is desperately needed in the current climate and not just in PMQs.

Jeremy raised some great points, pointing out that schools in the UK are having to close early on Fridays because they lack the funding to pay their staff, how schools are fundraising for items such as pencils and glue and using the experiences of head teachers and teachers as evidence against the PM’s denial.

There really wasn’t any substance to anything Theresa May said, it was very much the same responses we hear weekly and even her attempts to bring up the past Labour government falls on deaf ears, It is very hard to take her seriously when she says “Labour left the biggest deficit in peacetime history”, when the deficit is now the biggest it has ever been and this Conservative government have spent more money than all Labour governments combined.



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