PMQs Snap Verdict


PMQs started today with a question from Labour MP Janet Darby regarding zero hour contracts, 800,000 people are on zero hour contracts with the majority wanting a proper contract. Theresa May started as she meant to go on as usual by not answering the question and merely stating all that her Government has done in regard to zero hour contracts (not much) and how Labour has done nothing about them.

Jeremy Corbyn chose to dedicate all his questions to the NHS today and whilst he highlighted a number of issues that seriously need attention the responses from May were, as usual, less than helpful.

May chose once again to walk the road most traveled and answered each question with statements regarding what the Conservative Government have been doing for the NHS and how much money they are investing in the NHS. Unfortunately, the statements were once again misleading and didn’t state the facts in their entirety. For example, Theresa May said her government is investing £20 billion, this has the potential to sound very impressive but what she fails to say is that money is being given in installments over a ten year period, one in which they may not still be in government for.

As usual, Theresa May took every opportunity to attack Labour and the leader of the opposition and made no effort to respond to questions with solutions for the problems that our NHS is facing.

Conservative MP, Angela Jenkyns made ripples when she stood up and asked when the PM would be standing down after the devastating results of the local elections for the Conservative party? She was met with a stubborn response from the PM and whilst Theresa May is known for changing her mind, one area we can be sure she will be stubborn about is remaining in power for as long as she can.

Todays PMQs performance by the PM, in a nutshell, is denial, blame and misleading statements.


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