Pink Milkshake Lake – By Lisa Dempster


I can’t find my Mummy and it’s oh so dark
I don’t like it here, can’t we go to the park?
There’s lots of loud noise but it’s too black to see
I can hear Mummy shouting but she can’t see me

I was sleeping in bed feeling safe and so warmed
Dreaming a dream where no one’s ever harmed
Trees made of chocolate and a pink milkshake lake
When a noise and a light made me jump, wide awake

Come quickly said Mummy, the building’s on fire
I felt really scared, Mummy’s never a liar
I held on to her hand and she led me outside
But the smoke was so thick and some people had died

Mummy was frightened, I could feel her hand shake
But I trusted my Mummy, knew to safety we’d make
My baby brother was crying and Mummy held him tightly
As we climbed down the stairs, I was only in my nighty.

We went down and down and the smoke was so gross
Getting into my eyes and up my small nose
And my brother was crying and my Mummy was scared
She let go of my hand as she tripped on the stairs.

Now I can’t find my Mummy and I’m feeling so sleepy
And the smoke is so dark and everything’s creepy
Mummy is shouting but she’s so far away
I don’t think that I’ll find her or my brother today.

I’m so sorry Mummy I tried as hard as I could
But I couldn’t find you, like this little girl should
And I really can’t breathe and it’s too dark to see
So I’m going to lie here now until you can find me.

It’s getting so hot now, I can’t stay awake
I’m going back to the trees and the pink milkshake lake
Mummy I love you, please don’t ever feel sad
You tried your best, gave it all that you had.

But the smoke was so dark and the building so hot
And you had hold of my brother and you tried such a lot
Don’t ever forget me, oh the fire’s getting near
Goodbye my Mummy, I love you my dear.

Lisa Dempster
June 2017

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