Open Selection Failed To Gain Acceptance


So the campaign for #OpenSelection May have failed this year to gain acceptance at Conference, but now is not the time to stop piling on the pressure.

Conference did vote to reduce the threshold for triggering a ballot from 50% to 33% so individual CLP’s do have a greater chance of ensuring members voices are heard and that
MP’s (like Jess Phillips, who has openly stated that CLP motions are meaningless and achieve nothing) are held to account and support MEMBERS hopes and ambitions for their communities and the country, not just their own.

Further to this, we here at Unity News would encourage ALL MP’s to encourage their own CLP’s to use this mechanism and trigger a ballot. After all if they are supporting MEMBERS hopes and ambitions, they are doing the job, for which members spend hours of their spare time campaigning to ensure they have, if they are truly sure that they are right in their stances and opinions, they have NOTHING to fear from a ballot OR indeed #OpenSelection itself.

So over to you, OUR MP’s. Show YOUR faith in yourself, and trigger a ballot.


  1. Enough is enough.
    Please tell me I am not alone, the circus has gone on from day one, the day Jeremy Corbyn got elected or even looked like he might get elected as Labour party leader.
    I have pretty much always been a Labour voter, sometimes I voted tactically, I am a big fan of leaving the EU, as such I even voted UKIP one time.

    I got more interested in Joining the Labour party when JC started speaking, I took interest in not just what he said but the man underneath what he said.
    I watched him being interviewed, where the reporter was making fun of him because he was wearing a jumper his Mum had knitted.
    I had to watch and listen for the last 3 years, the murderous slander, bullying, where every political weapon was aimed at Jeremy Corbyn.

    I had to listen and watch every Blairite, Tom Watson, Tony Blair and 150 odd other coup plotters in the Labour party have done and still are doing, them slander, make up stories, tell us JC did not even want the job. Call him and us (his supporters, their own voters) names which if called on a school play ground would earn those calling them at least a detention.

    Surely it is not to much to expect those who have done everything they can, including squander £500 000 pounds or so, taking us to court, telling us we can’t even vote. Surely now we are not saying it is all fine and dandy, CHUKKA, BENN, Smith and 150 others.

    Well if you guys think so then good luck, I don’t, for me it is bad enough I have to stay in the EU, but to have to vote for their likes, NO NO NO NO FUCKING NO….ENOUGH IS FUCKING ENOUGH.

    Either deselect or those who think and observe like me will be gone, I have no idea where but I cannot vote for that.
    I don’t know if I am angry, sad, pissed off, tearful, frustrated, but I do know ENOUGH IS FUCKING ENOUGH.
    JC I do wish you the best but mate you cannot keep them if you want my support, get rid of the traitors they will stab you in the back first chance they get.

    Don’t let it happen. ENOUGH IS REALLY ENOUGH.

  2. Chukkka Umunna said:
    QUOTE “It’s very painful for me to say but now labour clearly fits “the definition of institutional racism as outlined by Sir William Macpherson in the Macpherson report”.
    He is further asking us to not deselect him and his coup plotter buddies, after all the names we have been called, all the money they wasted taking us to court, 2 coup plots, countless slanderous remarks and misreporting.
    After suffering the humiliating defeat led by Ed Miliband, Coup plot after coup plot, lie after lie, name calling off the scale.
    I have a clear message for him and all his devotees and this does not pain me one tiny bit,

    Because Chukka Umanna, calling Labour institutional racist is not an attack on Labour, it is an attack on Jeremy Corbyn and to pretend otherwise is an insult to us all.
    Because, Chukka Umanna, You have never once spoken out about, Suicides being the most common cause of deaths for 20 to 49 year old, I have only ever heard you or your coup plotters tell us how anti Semitic JC is, or some other derogatory slanderous name.
    Because Chukka Umanna, You never once spoke out that the rich now live 30 years longer than the poor, a fact unparalleled since the 1700s, as reported on Sky News.
    Because Chukka Umanna You have never spoken out against, CPI, being used as a metric to take our money, when RPI is used to give us our money.
    Because Chukka, I have a statistic for you, if CPI had been used to update rail fares rather than RPI, rail fares would now be 17 PERCENT lower, another stat, our weekly pay has gone up by 18 percent, rail fares by 42 PERCENT, and there are inconsistencies here as well, because the biggest single Austerity
    measure again was the government switching between RPI to CPI, the lower measure, in order to upgrade benefits and public sector pensions, that took BILLIONS OFF pensioners and saved the government billions and that was just moving between RPI to CPI, a geeky index and yet we have these inconsistencies, RPI not only used for rail fares but also for example student loans.
    CHUKKA, never once did we hear you speak out about this, you should be bloody ashamed, ASHAMED.
    Because Chukka Umanna, You have never once spoken out about the countless stealth taxes; VAT, Prime example, never spoken out about the selling off of school playing fields; you have never mentioned about four-in-ten children leaving school unable to read or write; you have never spoken out and complained about biased Murdoch reporting, you have never spoken out against, Tory trade union legislation; you have never spoken out about the need to regulate the buy-to-let landlord boom; you have never spoken out against the sell-off of the nations assets for peanuts.
    Because Chukka, you have never spoken out about the fact 18,000,000 of us have less then £100 to our name while working for min wage.
    Because Chuka Umanna, You have never spoken out about spending on social housing; you have never spoken out about the erosion of legal aid; you have never spoken out on the loss of rights to trial by jury; you have never spoken out about privatised prisons; you have never spoken out about the highest recorded levels of homelessness; you have never spoken out about hiring of ATOS and starting the attack on the sick and disabled.
    Because Chukka Umanna you have never spoken out about unprecedented levels of food bank usage.
    Because Chukka Umanna, You have never spoken out about the need to properly regulate the privatised utilities; you have never spoken out about the debt to 2 trillion then tell us JC is the problem and not the solution.
    All I have ever heard you talk about is how anti Semitic JC is and then wonder why we want to deselect you….
    Because Chukka Umanna, You have never spoken out about the invasion of Iraq; or war in Syria, you have never spoken out about the lies, spin, and distortions to justify war;
    You can keep pushing out that pathetic chest, you can keep sneering at JC and bullying us, his supporters and voters, you can keep that disgraceful smirk and quite frankly piss off out of the labour party you so pretend to support, you sure don’t support any part of Labour I ever want to vote for.
    Because Chukka Umanna, you have never spoken out about the 32,000 NHS beds closed; or about the sleaziest government in history;
    Because Chukka Umanna, You have never spoke out about the stuffing of the House of Lords with spivs, brigands and assorted lick arse spittles; on £300 a day in tax free expense sheets for a few mins appearance, and those who stay longer often fall asleep.
    Because Chukka Umanna, You have never spoken out against the attacks on our NHS and privatisation of all the assets the Tories don’t own.
    Because Chukka Umanna, You have never spoken out against bungs from business or bringing big-business bosses into cabinet;
    Because Chukka Umanna, you have never spoken out against pension raids; you never spoke out about Tony Blair being led by a dog-collar by the USA ; you never spoke out about grubby relationships with dictators and despots; you never spoke out about tuition fees, top-up fees, and the lies you told to us at three successive elections; you did not even mention the doubling of gun crime, plus violent crime.
    Because Chukka Umanna, you did not speak out about record levels of families in temporary accommodation; or the closure of 100 special schools; or the 10,000 Dentists that left the NHS on the Tory watch.
    Because Chukka, you laughed with glee, with all the other coup plotters when JC said..
    QUOTE “it might be funny to you on the conservative side but I don’t suppose any of you have ever had to use a food bank.”
    Yes! every coup plotter laughed with the Tories.
    Because Chukka, all these things and countless others that you could and should talk about as a Labour MP you have refused to do so.
    Because Chukka, all I have ever heard from you along with your shit heel devotees is how bad everything is under JC.
    I hope this is clear enough, as far as I am concerned you represent pretty much zero of any Labour party I want to vote for.
    So Chukka leave and leave fast.
    And while you are about it Chukka, take Tony Blair and all your lick arse devotees with you.


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