Open Letter To All Supporters And Readers Of Unity March News – Editorial


Can you spare just 1 pound a month?

Good Morning Unity Family,

As an independent political media organisation our core aim has always been to highlight the issues and causes that actually matter, and try and counter the sea of MSM bias and false narrative that is constantly and viciously aimed at any quarter that may actually help to achieve positive change..

Nobody at Unity March gets paid.. we are all volunteers giving our time and energy freely for the furtherment of the socialist cause..

But.. we do have expenses.. it costs money to buy the video and sound / edit equiptment we need to do the job properly.. It costs money to travel to locations to report on the issues the MSM wont.. It costs money to help fund our community outreach project aimed at getting help and advice to those that need it most.. It costs money to host and maintain our News Hub the list goes on,, but you get our point..

Our aim has always been and will remain, to keep the UM news and advice services free to all at point of use much like our beloved NHS But in order to keep running it relies on those that can afford to help fund our efforts to do so..

Now this is no begging letter.. or guilt trip, this is just honesty.. In the sea of MSM misdirect and Fake News sites.. UM News holds itself to higher values and we try as hard as possible to be an accurate valuable and often amusing source of REAL news.. A resource that is in danger of not being able to continue its work unless those that can afford to , spare just 1 pound a month..

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Taa for reading..

In Unity We Find Strength..


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