It has occurred to me that we in the Labour Party must all start looking at whether a special conference needs to be initiated? – By Mervyn Hyde


It has occurred to me that we in the Labour Party must all start looking at whether a special conference needs to be initiated ?

This campaign of chicken coups is never going to end, we need to reconstitute the party machine, it should be obvious to anyone that has seen the Aljazeera video that there are people being funded by outside organisations to undermine our own politicians in order to serve the interests of a foreign government.

Ian McNicol has been swift to disenfranchise ordinary members on the most spurious of grounds whilst appearing totally impotent when addressing the flagrant abuses by politicians and activists on the right. Not to mention those associated with ILF.

The special conference would address the need for change of those involved in the deliberate attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, I see no other way out of confronting this head on, I heartily agree that we need to appeal to our fellow members on the right of the party that are anti Corbyn to recognise that in Jeremy we have seen the party grow, that previously the party was in decline, that Neo-Liberalism, has been the root cause of that decline .

It should also be noted that the Tories are suffering the same decline for the same reasons, if we look at the results of the last three elections in Copeland the Tory vote has declined there, the winning Tory candidate received less votes than the Tory candidate in the previous election. By-elections always have a momentum of their own, they have their own individual characteristics, I do feel a lot of Labour Voters stayed at home, probably uncertain as to which way to jump, with the right candidate I believe we can not only win it back, but strengthen our grip on that constituency.

Although I agree wholeheartedly that we need to appeal to our fellow members in the party, I also recognise that reasoned argument falls on deaf ears that just won't listen. There are those who seek advantage for themselves without regard to either the interests of the party or the people they represent, and to ignore that fact leaves us vulnerable.

In most constituency Labour Party's there is a great deal of common purpose, that isn't to say there aren't pockets of resistance but generally speaking most understand that change is essential if we are to reverse the economic and political decline in this country.

The so called Brexit issue has been a total distraction from the real issues facing ordinary people, I read only yesterday from somewhere, that Lenin was quoted as saying, "that if you want to control a country, you first have to lead the debate". So in short the establishment have been driving us round and round in circles constantly changing the ground we stand on, disorienting people and putting unbearable pressure on to us individually, in order that the few can asset strip our country and maintain power to themselves.

They of course need people to carry out their programme, we have seen this through the corporate capture of politicians and civil servants, we call it the "revolving door" in essence it is just corruption.

In order that people can get on board with the knowledge of the direction of travel we have been travelling in since 1970, we must start by leading the debate. Whilst there are those like Mandelson in the Party that clearly are serving a different master to the needs of those we are supposed to represent, we can no longer sit back and allow them to smear and lie about the only hope we have of challenging a corrupt establishment that is making all our lives a misery. Mandelson the man that said he was totally relaxed about people getting filthy rich, this extract also shows where his real interests lie:

Peter Benjamin Mandelson, Baron Mandelson PC is a British Labour politician, president of international think tank Policy Network and Chairman of strategic advisory firm Global Counsel

Mervyn Hyde

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