Anniversary of the Miners’ Strike – By Ed Clarke


At midnight on this day in 1984, year long strike action organised by the National Union of Mineworkers in response to Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative governments unannounced mine closures nationwide, commenced. Then as now the country is facing unprecedented attacks on workers rights and public services.

The Tory government are systematically privatising the National Health Service. The steel mills have been left unprotected. The Fire and Rescue Service is under constant attack. The manufacturing industry is pretty much non existent. All heavy industries are gone. The railways are failing. The Royal Mail has been privatised. The Police and Armed Services have faced redundancies in the hundreds of thousands. Students have been let down. Disabled people and benefit claimants have been under constant attack, leading to thousands of deaths.

We must fight back, we must stand organised and united and oppose this disgraceful excuse for a government and their political ideology of austerity.

Please if you can join a trade union.

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT)
Unite the union
Communications Workers Union
PCS Union
GMB Union
United Voices of the World the union
Usdaw Union
Transport and General Workers’ Union
National Union of Teachers – NUT
ATL Union
Fire Brigades Union
Royal College of Nursing
British Medical Association
National Union of Students
National Union of Journalists

We leave you with Billy Bragg – “Never Cross A Picket Line”

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