Nurse listens to covid patients in ICU say: ‘if I only knew’


Written by Connie Eldreth Moody

In our Covid ICU, we went from 9 Covid patients to 21 in the past week. To say they are very sick is a gross understatement.

When I see so many people on Facebook downplaying the seriousness of Covid, I have many emotions. The most prevalent feelings include angry, frustrated, sad, and disheartened. I’m also just incredibly tired.

I’ve held the hands of Covid patients that are struggling to breathe and are frightened and alone.

I’ve facilitated video calls between Covid patients and their families so they could say their final goodbyes.

I have heard my Covid patients say “If I only knew…” and “I didn’t think it would be this bad…” To be honest, these statements are tough to process because the ENTIRE WORLD has been told of the seriousness of this virus.

It is real. It is bad. Masks work. Social distancing works. The vaccine is necessary.

Please don’t debate with me. I really can’t take one more person that works in construction, the bank, retail, the food industry, blah blah blah something else that’s not on the frontlines of caring for Covid patients spewing some political, personal, selfish BS that downplays the importance of masking, distancing, and staying home.

I am a nurse. I am tired.


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