No Time For Toxic Tory Thinking


No Time for Toxic Tory Thinking.

Those who are born into privilege and status who acquire power in later life, have been in a position to change the course of history for the better, who have been in a position to create a positive and worthwhile legacy for themselves. Yet sadly, they choose not to.

I have little or no time for any Toxic Tory Thinking Individual.

I deplore and loathe their very existence. Some may say that statement is far too harsh and extreme and no different in attitude or behaviour to the way the Toxic Tories Think.

The fundamental truth and main fundamental difference between me and a Toxic Thinking Tory is the way we have nurtured our way of thinking and thought processes.

Unlike most, if not all Toxic Tories, I am able to express empathy with those who have struggled or suffered from forms of social hardship.

I have emotional intelligence to express compassion towards any other form of person or citizen of this nation.

I have personally nurtured social awareness and cultivated the concept of social justice and social equality for all, not just for the socially retarded few.

Yet these Toxic Thinking Tories, who inherit their privilege and status, employ the rights of passage and freedom of expression to do whatever they can, by whatever means possible to exploit their power.

Personally, I have grown, matured and evolved through life’s experiences, good or bad. Can the same be said of any Toxic Tory who is born into privilege and status, who acquires power through loyalty over competence? I think I can justly state no.

History is full to the brim from the consequences caused by the dysfunctional and warped psychology from the far right distorted view of reality.

Their actions speak louder than any rhetorical bullshit expressed in parliament or the political and economic arena throughout history.

For example: Wars, famine, genocide, destruction, division, hate, social and ethnic cleansing, inequality, racism, social injustice, poverty and ultimately death towards anyone who opposes or gets in their way.

All products of the far right Conservative way of thinking.

I shall ask this main fundamental question as regard to the Toxic Tory way of thinking and existence:

If such a thing in nature existed solely for its own means and was capable of destroying, decimating and threatening the very fabric of existence, would it not be seen as a menace or pest to society and well-being itself?

Yet it is the extreme far right Toxic Tories that are doing all the culling, for no other reason than for personal pleasure, more privileges, more status and ultimately, for much more power.

Robert Bryson


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