Life Mirrors Life – By TM


Hi all
Quite a  few years ago,, well 22 years ago i was in a terrible place, mixed up with the wrong folk, trying to fit in, i was abusing prescription drugs, An incident occurred in my family life, i had never been through what happened in the follow weeks, I had an mental / emotional breakdown, Partially down to the drug abuse and circumstances at home i had no say over and couldn't stop happening.

I did some bad things that i have paid my price to society for in full and what a price !
At the time i couldn't see a way out for me, i couldn't see what i had become in 6 short crazy chaotic weeks i had gone from respectable lad to criminal whose head was up his arse ! life mirrors life.

I lost my liberty and were incarcerated for 2 years served 1 yr. life mirrors life.

To all those i hurt or did wrong to i offer my apologies and wish you to know how low i felt for so long for what i had done. life mirrors life.

My life had to change and Prison took me away from the bubble of hell that i had been existing in and acted as the slap around the soul that i so desperately needed and duly received, I tell you there were many times in prison i thought of ending it but knowing i had a family and wrongs to try and change, saw me through another day. life mirrors life.

Soon after leaving prison i met the woman whom i knew would be my soul mate, she and her son stole away my very heart and mind.
Within 6 weeks i knew i couldn't lose my beautiful woman so i went and booked a day to get married lol then proceeded to tell her when hahah luckily after 21 years nearly we are still deeply in love and i thank her wholeheartedly for saving my soul, for being so strong as i matured over the years, for taking on an unknown, for being you . life mirrors life.

Because of my upbringing and my wife, son, daughter, friends old and newer in flesh or online i stand here a proud man, of honour, of love, of experience, of peace, of light i were able to weather what life put me through, I am the man before you today. life mirrors life.

A man whom tries daily to be the best i can be, to offer a hand when i see a hand outreached, to endeavor to the best person i can be, to shine my light on all whom need the way highlighting to peace. life mirrors life.

A man whom over time has learnt that in life, life tends to be a mirroring existence of being, I mean for me when i was 1st in work around good folk with good intentions life was brilliant but when i lost my job I also lost something far greater in life …."stability of worth". life mirrors life.

The very people whom shaped me were no longer driving me friends whom had not worked were, driven by a street level survival mode, so very different life. life mirrors life.

life took a tumble and just kept on tumbling downhill….. life mirrors life.

That was many years ago i now find that by shining my light of goodness, selflessness …………well it reflects back at me. whats more ten fold. life mirrors life.

If we dwell on hatred, bad feelings, race, religion, then thats what you will receive back . life mirrors life.

step back from yourself and take a good hard look.

now be honest with your self are you the type of person you want for your children's future ……….. children mirror parents, life mirrors life.

shine brightly life mirrors life. TM


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