Golden Nuggets of Truth – Local Elections 2018

  • We may feel as though we are talking to ourselves. Banging our heads continually up against a brick wall as the MSM, in general, and the BBC, in particular continue to spin the news in favour of their Tory masters. But still we continue because despite their perfidy and lies, we continue to win. We continue to spread the truth and real news not conjecture.

So let us turn to today’s pile of horseshit called the BBC “news reporting” on the results of yesterday’s local elections.

We do not have to dig too far down to see the golden nuggets of truth hidden below the surface. Last year, as this, the BBC produced a projection of the national vote from local results. This was as follows:
Tories 38, Labour 27, LibDems 18 and a prediction of Labour wipeout with as few as 210 seats or less.

As we know this was a complete disaster of a “projection” and could not have been further from the truth of the 2017 General Election result with Labour getting 40% of the vote and gaining 262 seats.

So why are we to believe this year’s projection of a 35-35 tie and Labour merely being the biggest party by 3 seats in a Parliament that is hung in a manner unprecedented?

Given the advances made in last year’s GE and the large amount of very marginal Tory seats it is far, far more likely that Labour will advance further and harder into Tory constituencies and turn more of the political landscape red than even some of us more optimistic commentators may dream of.

So tonight as we look forward to a bank holiday weekend predicted to be full of warmth and sunshine, enjoy it. Bask in the result of a generation, whatever the MSM may try to tell us. Enjoy the rest before we recommit to spreading Labour’s hopes for the future, our aims of reducing inequality, investing in our infrastructure, in our people, of pushing poverty backwards and a thing of Dickensian Britain not 21st century Britain. And remember the MSM will not tell you the truth of a broken Tory Britain but we here, the #IndependentMedia will. ALWAYS.

Do you want the truth behind the MSM’s headlines? Do you want a political and business elite held to account and not pandered to? Then help us fight the lies, spin and deceit.

We don’t charge for content but with your support we can fight the battle to expose media lies. So please think of forgoing two cappuccinos a month to help us provide the Independent Media this country deserves and desperately needs. 💪



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