Corbyn Challenges May On Brexit Failure

Corbyn Vs May Round Thirteen – Knock-Out Stage


It was a will they won’t they PMQs today as 48 letters of No Confidence are finally handed in and she is due to meet with the 1922 Committee today for a leadership vote. Some suspected that she would resign this morning but she continues to hang on like a hair in a biscuit.

PMQs went off like a firecracker today and Jeremy Corbyn went in guns blazing, Theresa May feigned confidence for what may be her last PMQs. It would have been less of a waste to peoples time if for once she had answered the questions but a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

Jeremy Corbyn’s first question asked after her “little journey” what changes she had made to her deal?

Theresa May retorted that she had listened to concerns and that the EU know how strongly the House feel about the backstop but then she flipped the question back on Mr. Corbyn… ” I’m interested that the Right Honourable Gentleman wants to know what progress we have made because actually, the Right Honourable Gentleman couldn’t care less what I bring back from Brussels. He’s been clear whatever comes back from Brussels, he’s going to vote against it because all he wants to do is to create chaos in our economy, damage, division in our society and damage our economy, that’s Labour, that’s Corbyn.”

Instead of answering the question, Mrs. May attacked the opposition accusing them of creating chaos and damaging the economy. Theresa May has created chaos by not achieving a good deal, she has divided society by calling an election when she said she wouldn’t reducing her majority and achieving a hung parliament, which also created more chaos and when she pulled the meaningful vote on Tuesday the value of the pound crashed. Is someone holding a mirror up to her when she comes up with these retorts?

Jeremy Corbyn answered the question for the PM stating that “nothing has changed”. He went on with his second question asking when would she present parliament with her deal in the next seven days prior to parliament recess?

Theresa May once again avoided directly answering the question though she said that progress had been made but further discussions were needed. She seemed to hint at pushing through her deal without a meaningful vote when she said “We had a meaningful vote, we had it in the Referendum of 2016 and if he wants a meaningful date, I’ll give him one 29th March 2019, when we leave the European Union”

Jeremy Corbyn’s trademark calm and patience vanished as he stepped up to the podium seething in anger, he shouted across the podium at Theresa May with a ferocity not seen before at PMQs. “That is totally and Absolutely unacceptable to this House in any way. This House agreed a programme motion. This House agreed the five days of debate. This House agreed when the vote was going to take place. The Government tried to unilaterally pull that, to deny this House the chance of a vote on this crucial matter. The Prime Minister and the Government have already been found to be in contempt of Parliament. Her behaviour today is just contemptuous of this parliament and of this process.”

After giving the PM a good and well deserved rollicking he asked his question, during the speech the PM made at Lancaster House she said she will provide certainty whenever we can, does any of this look like certainty?

Theresa May once again didn’t answer in fact the notes scribbled down for this section say blah blah blah. The PM has wasted time negotiating a bad deal for Brexit and she wastes everyone’s time when she speaks. She will not answer a straight question, nothing she says can be trusted as she said she wouldn’t call a snap General election she did, she said no deal was better than a bad deal and then she tries to push her bad deal. she said energy prices would be capped and then prices rose. This is the tip of the iceberg of the lies that this woman happily spouts contemptuously in the House of Commons and to the people.

For anyone wondering blah blah blah is translated to “Labour is bad, everything bad is their fault and if I just keep repeating how they are bad I might look good”. Nothing will make this shambolic, failure of a PM look good.

Jeremy Corbyn highlighted how the Federation of Small Business found planning ahead impossible. He asked could she rule out a No Deal?

Once again Mrs.May couldn’t rule out a No Deal, didn’t answer the question and again decided to attack Labour stating that the Shadow Chancellor (John McDonnell) wants to change the law so that Union Members can go on strike whenever they want in solidarity of strikers across the world. 

Jeremy Corbyn stepped up to the podium, “I asked, she didn’t answer” He asked when would she listen rather than deny Parliament the right to debate and vote on her deal?

Theresa May stood up and accused the opposition of having “No plan, no clue and no Brexit.” Once again as if she was talking into a mirror, the attack hollow because she is in a glass house throwing stones from the inside.

Jeremy Corbyn blasted her for dithering and delays and that she had clearly stated that her deal was the best and the only deal and that there could be no more running away and demanded she put it before parliament for a vote.

Theresa May stood in front of the imaginary mirror and accused the Labour Government of U-turning on Labour policy. Labour has been steadfast on policy, they have a strong manifesto, which they didn’t have to throw in the bin for being so dreadful and they have stuck by their promises. Theresa May and her shoddy Government have their record to judge and it is not pretty.

As so often is the case not a single question was answered, every single response was an attack on the Labour Government as she realises that a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour party are on the brink of taking control of Government. Her words that she would never let Jeremy Corbyn take power must be leaving a bad taste in her mouth as she spits out vile and deranged accusations at the opposition in a desperate flail to keep her job and grasp at her lost pride.

Jeremy Corbyn looked like a statesman ready to take the place of this shambolic and failing Prime Minister, he highlighted how disgracefully the PM and her Government are in contempt of the sovereignty of parliament. He made clear “Whatever happens with her Conservative leadership vote today, it is utterly irrelevant to the lives of people across our nation, and it does nothing to resolve the Governments inability to get a deal that works for the whole country”.



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