An interview with Paul Mason (Video)


After a day of combatting (or flailing at) the unrelenting push of neoliberal, capitalist, right wing propaganda and agenda , I got to speak with Paul Mason before he gave a talk about his new book, Clear Bright Future which talks of the need for a radical defence of the human being.

Paul Mason talks to Lizzie

Capitalist economies have always been propped up by public funds and the bill of sale has been handed out to a whole generation across the west, but now people are too informed, they’re opening up their eyes and seeing the collapse of the system. They’re opening up their mouths and speaking out about it.

Some have turned to ‘The ‘right’ . They have their utopia, of nationalism and supremacy of white over black, man over woman, native over foreigner.

Many have turned to ‘The left’ though the left have yet to create their Utopia, they need to set clear goals, bright with hope for the future.

But in the end aren’t we all human ? How do we find common subjects with which to unite people and de radicalise them ?

Perhaps by deciding on climate action as the topic to bring us all together ? As Paul said,

“It’s no good being a fascist if you’re drowning”

You can buy Paul’s book here



  1. Ever since the 1970s we have been told private enterprise works best and the public sector doesn’t. This myth was exploded by the world wide financial crash, leading to the revelation that the private sector is the problem not the solution.

    People create all the wealth not multi millionaires, it’s just most people do not understand this.


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