Which political leader can and do you trust?


For any relationship to work it has to rely on the principles of communication, love, respect and trust. If you express genuine love and respect, there will always be trust present. Communication binds and bonds these key principles together.

This can be said and applied to any form of relationship that exists. From a macro relationship in the form of a nation or country; to other forms like a community or society, to smaller micro situations with family, friends or a loved one; the psychology relationship applied and principle is the same. If any of these principles breakdown, for example, the communication becomes distorted, or the love and respect stops, which will inevitably result in the failure of trust. The outcome will result in discord or disharmony with all involved within the relationship.

This could be a psychological relationship formed between political leaders and the people of that nation; multi-cultural communities, every type of working or learning environment, religions, families and relatives, friends, neighbours, or simply two people in a relationship. As long as the communication is honest, genuine love and respect is expressed, then there will always be trust. Plain and simply, if there is no trust, then there is no relationship.

That is why I wholeheartedly trust Jeremy Corbyn and loathe beyond extreme the Conservatives, or anyone who puts extreme right wing policies before life and living.


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