“Us” and “Them” By Simon Wellavize


 "Us" and "Them"

By Simon Wellavize

So as the Tories leave my home city behind and head back to the leafy shires, their mansions and their pensions, their flash cars and home bars, what do they leave ringing in our ears? Hate…pure unfiltered, unadulterated hatred.

Hatred for anyone "other", someone not of the elite, someone not driven by greed and avarice, someone not of this sceptred isle. Amber Rudd's exhortation of "us" and "them" driving more hate crime, more racism with her evocation of Nazi Germany and Hitler's Mein Kampf. Her aim to create division and blame, to ensure that the REAL reasons for people's problems; the housing crisis, the continued "pressure" on the NHS, poverty wages etc., are not seen. That the Tories get away with the deliberate cuts made to this nation's services in the name of austerity, a measure they claim was necessary but which Labour have belatedly called out as "a political choice not an economic necessity."

It seems that the Tories now feel so impregnable that they are not even putting on a cloak of respectability to cover the naked aggression of their class war fighting rhetoric and policies. It is there, plain for all to see, the descendant of 30's fascism, fighting again a class war against a foe with no weapons but their unity. Now once more the working classes must stand strong against those who would denude the people of labour from their gains, and cast us once more as feudal slaves to the master of capital.

It is vital that progressives in general, and Labour in particular, put forward genuine alternatives to the pernicious policies of this government. Let it be seen that hankering for the past with renewed Grammar schools will not be tolerated. It is imperative that we do not allow them to make Brexit policy on the hoof, that parliament is allowed to examine, debate and if necessary overrule any agreement that the Tories make on Brexit. Brexit must be made to work for the working man and not the businessman.

It seems that Phillip Hammond has signalled an end to Osbornomics with the announcement of the abandonment of Gideon's 'fiscal rule'. This is surely an acknowledgment of the complete failure of six years of tory economic policy. A failure to cure the ills of an economy without a true industrial base, a superstructure of financial services with no foundations to anchor it during global economic storms. So again, Labour and the general progressive movement must make the case for investment not cuts. Investment in housing to help those stuck in high rent, low quality housing subsidising landlords with housing benefit. Investment in our industries to grow a strong economy on the back of hard work not the backs of hard workers. Investment and re-nationalisation of our railways. A National Education Service that will equip our young folk with the skills they need to prosper in today's world, and enable us all to continue to learn into our old age.

We must show that there is another way. And we must be united enough and strong enough to take it.


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