Tory ideology will be the death of us all


Have any of you noticed how the news is getting personalised ? And we’re all repeating it as that ? Theresa may this and amber Rudd that .. it’s so that the Tory party remains intact .. if these people are brought down or resign because of one or other of the genocides they’ve presided over they will be replaced by someone else who’s sold their souls to mammon …

We need to call out the Tory party as a whole and make sure everyone knows that it’s a whole ideology at work driving people to suicide and normalising poverty 🤬

The time has come to stop calling out individuals within the Tory hierarchy. It has become increasingly clear with each passing scandal, with each passing year that the problems aren’t individualistic, that it isn’t a matter of incompetence, or any one Tory over-reaching themselves, but a deeply imbedded ideological fault within the institution as a whole.

Yes, the Conservative Party attracts racists. Yes, the Conservative Party attracts “elites” who believe in their “God-given” right to rule. Yes, the Conservative Party attracts ‘oddballs’ (polite term)  who believe that trampling over your fellow man to make an extra million or two is not only right but is in fact the only way to conduct yourself and run your business .. but then it would because it is an institutionalised racist, elitist, odd party, designed to “conserve” a status quo that denies you and me a fair share in the wealth of a nation that we produce by the sweat of our brows and in many cases the breaking of our health and well-being.

So, yes, we need to highlight abuses such as Grenfell and Windrush and name and shame those responsible, but never forget to point out that this isn’t an individual fault but a cause of a deeply flawed and racist party that needs destroying at the ballot box so that they can never rise again to destroy the lives of our citizens in the name of profit and power.



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