Tory DWP Stasi develop new weapon


The Tories claim to have reversed the cuts they made to housing benefits for people under the age of 35 (the new ‘young’ people classification) is actually a new weapon hidden under the overcoat of their DWP Stasi to be brought out at a later date to further cull some more ‘young’ lives !

The Tories are coming for your homes ! If you even have one any more ?
The Tories are going to be removing social security from, not only those in private rented accommodation but now from social housing too .

How many young people are already homeless ? Well there are going to be many more and not so ‘young’ as you might think ! How are young people going to get work ? And if they do how are they going to keep it ? Camp out around their place of employment ?

Two articles are an absolute must read for every single person in the country  

A word of caution about Esther McVey’s ‘u-turn’ on housing benefit for young people

In all seriousness , these are dangerous times . Not from some foreign power, this is our own government determined to remove all state services . Wake Up people before it’s too late .


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