People are being evicted by the council for owing less than £100 – By Lizzie F


People are being evicted by the council for owing less than £100 and end up sleeping in the street! ….. in the UK …. it's happening every day up and down the country …

I advise people to go without food and electricity so they can pay their rent and stay in their homes .. then get foodbanks and charities to feed them and get electric ..

These people are ordinary people who have lost their job through illness or redundancy .. they're not drunks or druggies , though why shouldn't drunks and druggies be supported too ? some have children , some are single people , who have fallen on hard times .

They're humiliated and threatened at the jobcentre for not having a job .. made to feel they've failed as a useful member of society because they don't have broadband (first thing to go) then they're sanctioned for not going online every day looking for work , because they don't have any access to either laptop or broadband …

This all happens within three mths of losing your job …

Then it's a matter of waiting for the call to say they've committed suicide .. usually because of the abject shame and humiliation first encountered at your local unfriendly deeply fascist jobcentre ..

This is reality ! Happening in every town and village across the entire country . A country that is among the richest countries on this earth .


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