November 5th Protest Promises To Be Huge!


Eleven groups are storming Into London on November 5th . This is going to be the biggest attempt so far to save our country from ideological austerity !

From the youth protest at 9am to the Million mask march at 6pm and through the night with streets kitchen feeding the homeless .

This is going to be the day your children will ask … "were you there ?"

Youth March Against The Tories – 9am- Downing street…/youth-march-against-tories

Show Culture some love – 10am – British museum…/…

French Social international ministry 10am British museum .…/…

Barnet UNISON Library workers strike – 12:00pm…/barnet-unison-library-worke…

Zombies Blair witch project 10am British museum…/national-libraries-museums-…

10am at Syrian embassy Syria solidarity campaign…/stop-russian-war-crimes-syr…

East India docks 11am all who are here are from here

12 noon get the Tories out Trafalgar Square ..

Protest at John Lewis: bring the cleaners into the partnership – 4pm…/protest-john-lewis-bring-cl…

Million masks 6pm Trafalgar Square…/million-mask-march-london

Streets kitchen 6pm Trafalgar Square


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