Mission LifeForce – a Call to Action, Now!


Dear Unity Folk

It is very rare that something comes along that most of us can easily do that will really make a difference to stop the damage to the condition of our world.

This proposal changes that and not just until Christmas, or Easter or Summer but for ever!

This mission is not only the first of its kind, it is completely unique in its approach!

Yes it’s  a big claim and yes it will mean you could have to do more than just ‘Like’ or ‘Retweet’ something, because to make this one run you choose to commit a little money to become an Earth Protector Trustee, and so commit to saving our world from more destruction and climate change!

The minimum contribution requested is negligible, only 5 euro, not much coffee comes your way for that, but it will make you an “Earth Protector Trustee” and this will be recorded in a secure blockchain system.

An Earth Trustee is a very definitive new life role as described below by Polly Higgins, Earth Lawyer.

Becoming a trustee of this document is to become an Earth Protector and Trustee of the Earth. It is a declaration of love and acknowledgement that the Earth, the ecosystems of Earth and inhabitants of Earth whether human or otherwise have the right to peaceful enjoyment.

It is a declaration of belief that this peaceful enjoyment is both a moral and legal right, and that any human act or omission which severely diminishes such peaceful enjoyment is a crime.

Becoming a Trustee of the Earth is to become a protector of a law which is in alignment with a universally recognised moral code of respect, peace and a duty of care for all life.

It is a direct expression of intent to create peace between all beings“.


Have I got your interest yet?

Are questions bubbling up in your mind?

Please read on …

Activist Support

Because this Trust document is legally valid across the globe, wherever activists are arrested they can present it in court as a part of their defence. They can speak out about the ecocide they are facing and why they choose to stand up to it as a conscientious protector.

The document creates an opportunity for any judge with a conscience, as they may use it as grounds to acquit. When this starts happening, the Earth Protector’s Defence has a precedent, missing law is acknowledged… and a new life-force is unleashed.


So what about some Real Big Activism on a GLOBAL Scale?

Its needed to fix the global sized problem … right?

Buckle up your seatbelt for the ride… its not complicated, but it is Planet Sized!

“At present, the law permits dangerous industrial activity which we know to be harmful, while criminalising activists who stand up to protect the earth and their communities. To disrupt this cycle of harm requires a new law to be put in place, making ecocide a crime

The beauty of this approach is that it makes Ecocide an International Crime, giving nowhere on Earth for perpetrators of damage to hide, and no excuse for financing investors to hide behind.

Q. So who will be making the moves to enact this change?

A. Representatives of “Small Island Developing States ” who’s island homes are under immediate threat of disappearing under the oceans.

Q. Why haven’t they done this earlier?

A. They didn’t have the money to go to the United Nations and table the motion for amendment to the Rome Statute document.

Q. What makes the changes so this can happen now?

A. Money raised from signups by millions of Earth Protector Trustees will go entirely to financing the steps needed to help the Small Island States to succeed.

Neat isn’t it? All information you need is to be found here

This is Mission LifeForce.  Our mission has begun.  

Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQKhOPihzSQ&t=2s 

Teaser Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E39qMvCqPa8 

Call for FaceBook Ambassadors

And for you Facebook peoples who want to become Ambassadors so that the messages from Polly Higgins and her team are sent out through your own Facebook News Feed without any need for you to do it, you can do this HERE – You login to your Facebook and click on the “Be Ambassador” button, then agree to the screen that comes up with the “public” setting. That’s all there is to it!

Donations for Mission LifeForce

If you’d like to only gift to the Fund right now, you can do that HERE. Thank you!

Finally, I would like to ask if you can consider donating to the magnificent team of volunteers who have given much more than time to this mission. They have given much of their personal money as well.

In the Team’s own words…..

“All our team have worked pro bono to bring the Mission to life. It’s your funds that can help us take it forward. (The Earth Protectors Trust Fund itself is not for our use; it is for the exclusive use of those small and climate vulnerable States’ delegates and lawyers that have the courage to advance ecocide law.) We are not funded by foundations or grant-making bodies, but by individuals. If you feel inspired to support our “back office” please use the Paypal button below.Any gift, however small, will help us greatly”.

There is a separate Donate button for helping them and it is HERE

By being part of this you will be directly helping all peoples and beings living on Planet Earth.

Thank you

Greg Dance

Earth Protector Trustee




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