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Take in a long and slow breath, … hold it for 7 seconds and slowly let it go.
Each second is for the days of our week. Weeks go by as if on autopilot.
We enter a new week just like the last one, same routines, similar mostly predictable outcomes.

Now please take in another long and slow breath but this time hold it for as long as physically possible. On release you will be hardly able to control your bodies desperation to replace the dead air with fresh oxygen rich air.

This reminds us of our dependency on regularity and of enrichment of our bodies through oxygen, water and food. Also comes the other needs to protect it, keep it clean and warm. Life cannot continue if they are not there for us.

Far beyond these foundational needs are the nonsense of economics and politics, both also uniquely human in construction and completely worthless to nature.
Yet it is nature which supplies for free our water, our air, our soils biota from which is grown our food and comes the vitality of our lakes, rivers, seas and oceans.

So in the big scheme of things, wouldn’t it not only be ‘nice’ to protect nature, but to revere it as the absolute life force that it truly is? Obviously so.

But first we must be compassionate to ourselves on this because we haven’t as a race been self aware as we grew. Rather like children becoming adult in size we haven’t been aware that we are not light and small enough any more to sit on our parents laps, in fact we are now so big as a race our Earth mother is being crushed under us amid our incessant demands for more from her.

This means we need to grow up emotionally, to accept the reality as it now is and to return the given nurturing to our source so that our children and grandchildren can survive on our Earth.
Yes, survival is now the word.

Become an Earth Protector https://www.missionlifeforce.org/take-action

I have helped with our local School Strike for Climate protests and have found it enormously rewarding to watch the fast evolution of the confidence and messaging now coming from children and adolescents.
Greta Thunberg is an amazing young woman, so clear in her messages and purpose, so unassuming and unspoiled by the usual fads of youthful self image, she delivers the best spoken and written opinions that I’ve ever read or heard (apologies to all that I’ve not read or heard).

In recent days we are all reminded in a stark way of life’s fragility, our wonderful self appointed Earth Protector Lawyer, Polly Higgins has anounced her own life may end very soon due to a fast developed cancer cluster. The stunning news has swept through her many friends like an echoing shock wave with many after shocks. Polly will receive all that is humanly possible from many healers and close friends, she will feel our echoes of love that began with her own to us many times over every day.

Polly’s greatest wish is that her Mission Life Force initiative manages to sign up 1 million Earth Protector Trustees.

Being a trustee is a duty to do all that you feel you can and in all ways that you can, to protect and nurture our Earth’s now fragile ecosystems and protecting our climate is a vital part of that. There are no legal or obligatory risks attached to this status.
Polly’s second book is titled; “I Dare You to be Great” and for us minions who were born into a fear driven military industrial run dis-order, this is a call to walk from the rank and file safe zone to risk standing with a small but fast growing group of people who see it as the only place to stand now.

You might follow the children there, you might follow your heart there, you might go there simply to rebel against extinction because the ‘system’ is now driven by feral crazed maniacs Hell bent on travelling that road toward their deluded visions of self glory.

Walking away from that nightmare ‘system’ is now obligatory to all aware and responsible adults who extend their duty of care to others of all backgrounds and all ages.

It is a duty to all species, all landscapes that are still full of life, to natural beauty that inspires writers, walkers, poets, holiday makers and artists.

Polly and Greta deserve far more from us than we could give them so all I ask is that you help all you can to assist them to help your children and grand children.

Mission Life Force



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