Labour Live!


Today the mainstream media and commentariats that have been besmirching and ridiculing Labour Live were shown up again for being hopelessly wrong.ย 

Over 13,000 tickets were sold yesterday and people could be seen queuing up to get in this afternoon. We have never seen anything like this before in the history of politics and whilst some people sneer at Labour’s efforts with snobbery that politics shouldn’t engage with the young and the working class. We say why not?

You cannot deny that connecting with the electorate and amalgamating the arts, discussion and politics is not a genius way to re-engage with the electorate and especially the young people, whom often face the harshest brunt of what passes for policy in the UK.

With the emphasis on hope for a better future, the festival focused on how to change society for the better. We’d argue that a political festival with over thirteen thousand participants is the biggest step in the right direction that we have ever seen for that better society.





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