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Unity News is a relatively new, independent media website. It was established in Feb 2016 as a grassroots movement, amplifying the voices of everyday people. A true news source for the people by the people. Back then we used to share all our posts directly via Facebook but when the algorithms were changed, we had to set up a website and broaden our social media reach.

Journalism is an important part of our democracy, it is meant to hold power to account, that is why it is more important than ever to support independent media. We work hard to ensure that we present the truth and support the subjects that matter to you and the majority of people in the UK. We tackle subjects that people care about, we are honest and open about our motives.

The mainstream media is well funded but most of that funding comes from corporations and we can no longer trust our media. They were willing to hack into a dead 13yr olds phone and delete messages giving the parents hope. They are willing to go to any lengths to present their own narrative and you cannot trust what they have to say, at least until we finally have the promised Leveson 2 inquiry, now, you can trust independent media to present the news factually without the influence of corporations or the elite.

We don’t receive any financial help other than your donations, we can’t pay our writers, we each pay our individual costs such as travel expenses so that we can attend protests, community events, conferences, meetings, buy equipment etc.

We hate to ask but if you can spare anything at all, please consider supporting us financially here.

However, supporting us doesn’t need to be only financial, there are many ways you can help us. If you attend any community events, protests or anything you think is of interest, you can become a Unity News contributor by sending us your write-up, video or even just your photos. To do this message us via our Facebook page or e-mail us via [email protected] [email protected]

We will edit your work and make you look like a grammar superstar and of course, you will get credit for anything you submit, unless you want to be anonymous. Many of our contributors go on to paid opportunities after gaining experience with us, moving on to Morning Star, Momentum or Open Democracy, amongst others.

We are very keen to stick to our grassroots beginnings and share the positivity of community campaigns. We want to know what people are doing to improve their communities or helping people in need. We want to share it with as many people as possible to spread the positivity and inspire others to start their own campaigns in their own communities.

Another way you can easily support us is by sharing our posts on social media. If it is something you particularly liked or had an important message, tell people why they should read it and share it too. Clicking on our website links can also earn us pennies from the ads.

We appreciate whatever way you choose to support us, even if it’s just reading and enjoying our work.

Thank you.


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