Inside the mind of a remain Labour voter, much like myself. – By James O’Connor


''In the referendum I voted remain. Not from some passion for it as a progressive entity but mostly on the premise that an international tax law might have helped to address the worlds issues with wealthy corporations playing us off against one another.

When the result came I was dissapointed, but I accepted it. Whilst I have many doubts about the usefulness of referenda I agree that having had one we need to abide by the result.

I don't however agree with anyones interpretation of what the vote to leave actually meant by way of a new arrangement. Anyone claiming they really know is talking nonsense because that level of detail just wasn't collected.

What I certainly don't agree with is that UKIP as advocates of leaving the EU have somehow 'won' and therefore have a right to dictate (via pressure on the 'desperate to appease the right' tories or otherwise) what the terms of the new deal should be.

Even as a remain voter I have a right to my view on any new arrangement my country has with the EU.

I am a labour voter…..I always have been.

I used to vote labour solely because they represented the interests of the working man and I came from a working class family.

Whilst I believe this holds true my reason for voting labour has changed.

The more I have learned about economics the more I have realised that Labour represent the only attempt by a British political organisation to address the obvious and fundamental flaws of 'free market capitalism' and the vast wealth inequality it is creating and will continue to create.

This is why I firmly believe that Corbyn's and Labour's role in brexit is not to oppose it but rather to hold the government to account to ensure a fair deal for those not on the top rungs of the wealth ladder. The working class, the working middle class and the most vulnerable in our society. If we continue to divide (and I mean society not the labour party) on the basis of how much we think immigration is a problem and ignore the real problem of division of wealth then we put at risk our own futures, the futures of our children and the future of our country.

That is why I will continue to vote labour and can never vote for a party like UKIP. Because poverty of anyone in the UK, whether Brit or immigrant is more of a problem to me than who lives in the house next to me, and whether they share my cultural or religious beliefs.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this."

James O'Connor

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