How dare May defend her decision to appease a Fascist! – By Nick Clarke


Theresa May our unelected Prime Minister defends her decision to offer an invitation of a state visit to Trump by declaring that he is the democratically elected leader of our greatest ally.

He may well have won the election, but she needs to remember that other dictator who won the election to the Reichstag in 1933 and we all know how that ended.
May is nothing more than an appeaser of an out of control individual suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder.

He is displaying all the signs and symptoms; exaggerated feelings of self importance, an excessive need for admiration and a lack of understanding for other peoples feelings.
Such individuals are obsessed with achieving power or success and frequently take advantage of people around them. They also suffer from a self perception of being superior and having a sense of entitlement to special treatment and obedience from others. Individuals afflicted with this disorder display a pompous and arrogant demeanour.

This is a description of Trump who has been invited by May the appeaser to this country to be indulged with the pomp and ceremony of a State Visit.

The question must be asked if her judgement is so skewed to believe that such a megalomaniac should be offered a such a courtesy then is she herself fit to hold the office of Prime Minister?

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